The INTERNATIONAL VINTAGE GUITAR SHOW VEENENDAAL is a unique show that takes place twice a year in Veenendaal, The Netherlands. VINTAGE VEENENDAAL, as the show is frequently called, is organized in order to create a platform through which musicians, collectors and other sympathizers have the opportunity to meet, talk, make music and do business.

The show's atmosphere is friendly, relaxed, with plenty of room, and people visiting for pleasure as well as for business. This is emphasized by the fact that exhibitors and visitors are coming from all over Europe , and sometimes even beyond Europe, not merely to do business, but to be able to get together and make friends.

Eye-catching collections are displayed amongst which you can find very rare instruments. In addition to the vintage collections, some exhibitors offer newer and/or handmade instruments, which often are very competitively priced. The offering in vintage amplifiers, effects and accessories is also amazing. Everyone will find something special for his or her taste. Visitors are allowed to bring 1 guitar (max) to the show to further increase trade.

A fixed item at VINTAGE VEENENDAAL is the election of the most authentic and beautiful vintage guitar and the most bizarre guitar of the show. The winners will receive the well-known "VINTAGE VEENENDAAL CUP".

So vintage and music lover, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, don't hesitate to pay the show a visit, you won't be disappointed! If you wish to read en see more about the upcoming show and/or the previous show then please go the respective webpages in the left column.