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Vintage Guitar Show Veenendaal (VGSV) is Europe’s biggest international vintage guitar fair where exhibitors (dealers, luthiers, guitar shops and private collectors) exhibit, trade & sell their vintage guitars and amps, but also pedals, guitar parts, accessories, books, CDs etc. Focus is on vintage instruments, but  new(er) guitars, amps, and other side materials can also be found at Vintage Veenendaal.

The next Vintage Veenendaal guitar fair will be taking place Saturday MARCH 23, 2024 at ‘De Basiliek’ in Veenendaal, The Netherlands. We expect exhibitors from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, UK, France, Luxembourg, Sweden and of course The Netherlands, meaning A LOT OF GUITARS and other stuff to check out. You do not want to miss this!! 

What will the rest of the program look like?
Of course a lot of exclusive vintage guitars will be exhibited/put up for sale, but next to guitars, there will also be vintage amps, parts, guitar builder parts, books, CDs, picks, accessories etc. The focus will be on vintage, but there will definitely be new(er) guitars, self-build guitars and side materials for sale as well. During the last few weeks before the show, you will be able to see on our Facebook page what materials some of our exhibitors are planning on bringing to Vintage Veenendaal.

Vintage Veenendaal will be offering you the following:

  • Almost 100 exhibitors & over 1200 guitars in all price categories ! Click here to see the exhibitor list.
  • Open stage: with demo’s, clinics and performances by exhibitors and artists.
  • ‘Guitar Market’: in a separate exhibition area. As a visitor to the show, you will be provided the opportunity to exhibit, or put up for sale, your own private guitar (max 1 guitar per person)
  • Guitar Cafe: in the foyer, during and after the show
  • Handing out of the ‘Vintage Veenendaal’ Awards: one for the Most Authentic Vintage Guitar of the show and one for the Most Bizarre Guitar.
  • Lottery: a chance to win a FREE guitar/amp/pedal plus some other interesting prices
  • Advert board: where you can put up a small ad (max A5, 1 pp) in case you wish to sell or buy a specific instrument.

Bringing your own guitar to Vintage Veenendaal?
Visitors to Vintage Veenendaal are free to bring max 1 guitar to the show to exhibit, put up for sale or have it valued. How does that work?
At the entrance you need to have your guitar checked in at the check-in desk, which you will find to the left after the cashier. After a thorough check you will receive a ‘proof of ownership’, covering your contact details, brand and type of your guitar and its serial number. In case you sell your guitar, you hand over your ‘proof of ownership’ to the buyer. If you will be bringing your guitar back home again, you just show your ‘proof of ownership’ at the exit when you leave. After another check you will be allowed to leave the hall with the guitar if all is in order. This is purely for security reasons to prevent from theft. Nobody will be able or allowed to leave the exhibition hall with a guitar or other bigger/expensive item without a valid proof of ownership. In case you buy a guitar from an exhibitor, they will provide you with a ‘proof of ownership’ so you will be able to leave the hall with your new guitar.

What do I do with my guitar? Do I have to carry it with me all the time?
Of course you are allowed to carry your guitar with you, but you do not have to! There is a separate room where you can exhibit your own private guitars (max 1 pp) FOR FREE! You can choose to stand beside your guitar all day so you will be able to discuss with potential buyers at any time and can keep an eye on your guitar, but you can also choose to write down some information about your guitar on a piece of paper, including your telephone number, so people can call you in case they are interested in your guitar and wish to talk or meet with you.
Exhibiting your guitar is at your own risk, but as described above there will be a thorough check on everyone who wishes to leave the exhibition hall with a guitar, so there is relatively little risk of somebody trying to steel your guitar. So, if you have a beautiful instrument you would like to exhibit or put up for sale, then please feel free to bring it to the show so others can enjoy watching or testing your guitar as well!

The Location
Vintage Veenendaal will be taking place in ‘De Basiliek’. A beautiful new building, serving events, concerts and/or studio recordings. De Basiliek is located in Veenendaal, The Netherlands, close to highway A12 and within walking distance from train station ‘Veenendaal-De Klomp’ and hotel ‘Van der Valk’. In case you would like to learn more about ‘De Basiliek’, then please click here to go to their website. At the ‘Route & Location‘ page you can see how to easily reach ‘De Basiliek’.

We hope you will be able to join us on MARCH 23, 2024!!
We are open for visitors from 10.00-17.00
Entrance fee 10 euro
Free entrance for children under the age of 12, when accompanied by an adult

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In case of questions, please feel free to contact us, preferably via email: